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Tyrion Lannister is her second-in-command - ‘Game of Thrones’: Why Daenerys Will Win the Iron ThroneTyrion Lannister is her second-in-command

Television / ‘Game of Thrones’: Why Daenerys Will Win the Iron Throne / Tyrion Lannister is her second-in-command

Tyrion may drink a lot, but he’s still one of the most brilliant advisors in all of Game of Thrones. That’s a given when you’ve been cast out your entire life and forced to rise up against all odds. Daenerys and Tyrion have already proved a potent one-two punch given Daenerys’s tendency to make decisions with her heart and Tyrion with his brain — and maybe wine. And as Tyrion has mentioned, his importance as an advisor will only grow when they make it to Westeros and come face-to-face with his sister Cersei and the other houses.

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