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The diving pool color fiasco - Shadiest moments of the Rio OlympicsThe diving pool color fiasco

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Fans of the diving events sounded the alarm when the normally blue sparkling water turned a murky green a few days after events began at the aquatic center. Despite officials claiming they had it under control, the problem worsened to the point the entire building had to be closed because it began to smell of rotten eggs. After blaming it on algae, temperature fluctuations, and an accidental hydrogen peroxide spill, organizers admitted the real reason was much more embarrassing—the aquatic center ran out of the chemicals needed to treat the pool properly. Even the water outdoors wasn't safe—an investigation by the Associated Press revealed Rio's lagoons were so contaminated that athletes who were inadvertently dunked during their events (like the Serbian rowers who capsized) were at serious risk of contracting infections.

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