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Nicolas Cage is a fan of history - Celebrities who spent money on the most pointless stuffNicolas Cage is a fan of history

We've all had that moment when you see something super-awesome that you know you just have to own. It's especially sweet if you're a successful actor that likes to own cool stuff, because the chances are you can afford to, more often than not anyway. And so, when Nicolas Cage came face-to-face with the skull of a Tyrannosaurus bataar, a relative of the T-rex, there was only ever going to be one outcome, and it only cost him $276,000.

Unfortunately for Cage, the greatest conversation starter in the world was not to be his for long. T-bataar fossils have only ever been found in Mongolia, and since Mongolia banned the export of dinosaur fossils in 1925, the only way an example could have found its way to the USA is if it had been illegally smuggled. When the authorities presented Cage with evidence of the criminal origins of his skull, he decided to give it back to the rightful owners.

Cage originally outbid Leonardo DiCaprio to win the skull at a March 2007 auction, but if he had known he would be paying almost $300,000 just to rent the thing for a few years, he probably wouldn't have bothered. O maybe would have. It is Nicolas Cage, after all.

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