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Madonna likes to stay hydrated - Celebrities who spent money on the most pointless stuffMadonna likes to stay hydrated

Performing is pretty draining work, so it's expected that many stars keep a bottle of water around to stay hydrated. Apparently, as Madonna has no doubt decided, exceptional performances don't happen if you're drinking regular water … otherwise, they would be regular performances. So for awhile whenever she's away from home, Madonna chose to forego whatever local water is available (can't risk normal), and instead supplied her own.

Fortunately we're not talking about urine, but rather Kabbalah water. So, same thing. Kabbalah water was sold by the "Kabbalah Center," a cultish offshoot of a little-known Jewish tradition, which claimed the water had been specially treated through blessings, meditations, and other mystical pseudo-science, that gave it special healing powers at — yeesh — $5 a bottle. So it's expensive urine.

Madonna was a favored follower of Kabbalah, to the point where she was having cases of its water shipped to wherever she happened to be, racking up considerable expense in the process—$10,000 a month, according to to some reports. However, the claims of special powers in the water have since been thoroughly debunked, the water shown to come from a totally ordinary bottling plant in Ontario, Canada. Bottled water is already something of a scam, so it takes some creativity to make a scam out of a scam. It also takes a certain willingness to be scammed, such as with a fool like Madonna, who must be desperate to part with her money in just the stupidest ways.

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