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Lindsay Lohan - Child stars who’ve aged in monstrous waysLindsay Lohan

Having success early on in one’s career can be a burden too heavy to carry around with a constant smile on the face. Lindsay Lohan quickly snapped under the load and indulge in an erratic behavior that got her on the negative spectrum of celebrity.

Drugs, exposure to constant stress, and the kind of bad relationship we all get a share of, each of it brings it contribution to transform a cute and promising child into a monstrosity.

Lindsay might still look great from time to time, but she needs tons of makeup. The same way you take your car to the mechanic for constant check-ups and improvements, Lohan puts her body at the disposal of plastic surgeons.

Although we don’t like to say this, Lindsay Lohan is a lost cause and other more nasty articles await her presence. Getting older and failing to maintain your beauty is a checkmate for a celebrity. Lindsay still has a few legal moves.

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