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Lady Gaga thinks she's haunted - Celebrities who spent money on the most pointless stuffLady Gaga thinks she's haunted

Whether it's walking under ladders, or being on an aircraft, most of us can lay claim to at least one irrational fear. But since most people have a fairly large dose of real life to get on with, there isn't much incentive to do anything with those fears except try to ignore them—but all that changes when you have money to burn. Take Lady Gaga, who admits to certain paranormal beliefs, and clearly isn't short of people ready to help her dig a little deeper. That might be how she ended up owning a $50,000 "ghost detector," otherwise known as an electromagnetic field detector. Electromagnetic fields are produced by anything that contains, creates, or affects electricity. Humans aren't sensitive to electromagnetic fields, but an electromagnetic field detector is capable of detecting them and the ghosts that also cause them … supposedly.

There is, however, no evidence that ghosts actually create electromagnetic fields, and in a room full of electronics, surrounded by the modern world in all its high-voltage glory, it'd be pretty hard to distinguish between a murder victim from the last century begging for justice, and your PA playing Pokemon Go. But that hasn't stopped Lady Gaga from "investigating" her hotel rooms prior to moving in for the night, and it makes one wonder how many suites got rejected because the guest in the next room was drying their hair. Guess they don't call her Gaga for nothing.

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