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Before New Year's Eve comes Valentine's Day—not only in the calendar year but also on Garry Marshall's résumé. This 2010 rom-com attempted to duplicate the success of critically acclaimed 2007 anthology film Paris, je t'aime, though in place of European charm it overloaded on famous faces, relying on star power over substance. One such star was Ashton Kutcher. His character Reed proposes to girlfriend Morley (Jessica Alba), who agrees but then changes her mind and disappears. You can't really blame the girl, given the fate of Kutcher's past screen partners.

2010 saw Alba take part in Robert Rodriguez's critically and commercially successful B-movie homage Machete, though any good she did that year was most definitely undone in Valentine's Day, and things went downhill from there. Her 2011 indie comedy An Invisible Sign was unanimously dismissed by critics, the first of many Alba films to provoke the wrath of the reviewers in her doomed post-Kutcher period.

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