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Her first husband was allegedly hyper-controlling - Odd things about Mariah Carey's relationshipsHer first husband was allegedly hyper-controlling

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A Vanity Fair profile of Tommy Mottola and his marriage to Carey was harrowing. Mottola was Carey's record company boss at Sony Music. He was also more than 20 years her senior and married with kids when they met. Sources told Vanity Fair the industry executive often engaged in locker room talk with other record label staff about his intimacies with Carey, who was just 18 years old when they allegedly hooked up.

After Carey and Mottola married, he allegedly kept her cloistered in their mansion with security guards 24/7, even when the songbird went to the bathroom. She had to get his permission to leave the property, and even then she'd have to be shadowed by a "chase car." (She later reportedly refered to the home as "Sing Sing.") Vanity Fair also claimed Mottola told Carey when to sit and stand, including at the Grammy Awards.

Mottola has denied any wrongdoing, but he did admit in his memoir (via Billboard) that it was "absolutely wrong and inappropriate" to become romantically involved with Carey, adding that he is "truly sorry for any discomfort or pain that all of my good intentions inevitably caused her, and most of all for the scars it left on my two oldest children."

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