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He has interests outside of acting - Why Hollywood won't cast Chad Michael Murray anymoreHe has interests outside of acting

Like many Hollywood figures, Murray has used his celebrity status to dabble in projects loosely related to acting. He starred as Alicia Key's love interest in the music video for "Un-Thinkable (I'm Ready)" in 2010. The following year, he embraced his inner Lucas Scott by co-authoring a graphic novel titled Everlast. The book is a pre-apocalyptic story that focuses on Derek Everlast's quest to guide people to a safe place called Haven, where mankind is essentially reborn. Murray also penned a thriller-romance novel about a soldier called American Drifter, due out in 2017. Co-written with actress Heather Graham, Murray told Us Weekly that book was "inspired by a dream." In 2015, he launched a fundraising initiative for a children's hospital in his hometown of Buffalo, N.Y., raising money by selling One Tree Hill-inspired apparel, promoted through social media. While it's fair to say he's not afraid to venture into new endeavors—and for that we applaud him—if Murray wants to make it big in Hollywood, he may need to fine-tune and focus his vision.

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