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Firefly - 5 Canceled TV Shows That Need to Make a ComebackFirefly

Firefly is a legend when it comes to canceled shows and the battles to bring them back. The series, which was canceled before its first season was even completed, follows the adventures of a group of disparate characters aboard the Serenity spaceship in the year 2517 who, after being on the losing end of a civil war, live their lives as pioneers at the edges of their star system. Created by Joss Whedon (The Avengers) and starring Nathon Fillion, Gina Torres, and Alan Tudyk, Firefly was canceled after only 14 episodes due to low ratings in 2002.

For whatever reason, Fox seemed to have it out for Firefly from the start. A.V. Club notes that episodes were shown out of order leading to story confusion, it was given a bad time slot, and the series was not afforded adequate advertising to get new viewers watching. Only after the show’s successful DVD sales and continued support from fans did the series miraculously get a follow-up, the 2005 feature film Serenity, but the film’s anemic box office take quickly shut down any hope of more films or a TV series.

So should Firefly fans finally let the series go? After all, the story continues to live in on in other mediums such as comics, novels, and a video game. Ask any fan of the show that question and they’ll tell you this: absolutely not. Just last year the cast of Firefly reunited at New York Comic-Con to tell everyone they would all be game for a second season if the opportunity arose. And given the show’s legendary status in the 14 years since its cancellation, it isn’t hard to imagine that an entity like Netflix, Amazon, or even a TV network might take a shot at it again.

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