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Elton John loves flowers - Celebrities who spent money on the most pointless stuffElton John loves flowers

Flowers are pretty, they smell nice too. It's understandable why we buy bunches of them for people we like, or simply to brighten up our homes. But they're also fairly expensive, which is why we can't do that all the time … unless you're Elton John. who not only loves flowers, he can afford to have them around all the time.

In the late '90s, auditors found a £20 million hole in Elton John's finances, so he took some former business associates to court to get to the bottom of it. Unfortunately for him, this meant having his spending habits examined, and in among the receipts and bank statements was proof that Elton John really, really, really, loves flowers. In fact, over 20 months in the mid-90s, he spent £293,000 (around $400,000) on the habit. When questioned about this profligacy, he did what Elton JOhn does best: he totally owned it, saying, "I like flowers. I don't have any people to leave my money to, I'm a single man, I like to spend money. It's my money to spend." Just don't try using that excuse when the IRS comes looking for those back taxes you owe.

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