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Bono really likes his hat - Celebrities who spent money on the most pointless stuffBono really likes his hat

Bono, music's self-appointed definition of hypocrisy, never seems to see the irony of blowing his money on flashy clothes while simultaneously encouraging those with far less disposable income to give ours to charity. According to U2 fan site @u2, Bono was performing a charity concert in Modena, Italy, when he realized he had left his favorite trilby in London. Refusing to go on stage without his hat (because no one will donate if he's not wearing it, obviously), Bono blew $1500 to have it delivered. But apparently, next-day delivery wasn't fast enough, so he put in a taxi to the airport in London, then bought it a first-class seat on a British Airways flight to Bologna (though it rode in the cockpit with the pilot), then another taxi to Modena.

When the rest of us leave something behind when we go on holiday, we either do without it, or buy a replacement when we get there. Bono had the same options, just also $1500 to blow on his solution. This isn't to say that he didn't also give money to the charity he was performing for, but asking others to do so while simultaneously blowing four figures because he lost his most favorite-est hat shows an incredible lack of empathy, not to mention an incredible surfeit of vanity.

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