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Anakin’s age in The Phantom Menace - George Lucas and ‘Star Wars’: 7 of His Biggest MistakesAnakin’s age in The Phantom Menace

First thing’s first: There’s no sense in blaming the actor who played Anakin in The Phantom Menace for anything. Jake Lloyd was just a kid who was undoubtedly excited to be cast in a Star Wars film. The mistake was made in deciding not to age Anakin up to at least a teenager in the film.

Meeting the future Sith Lord as a small child gave Lloyd an impossible task: To deliver an insanely nuanced and iconic performance that most kids simply don’t have the chops to deliver. Imagine an Anakin we first meet as a 16 year-old, who’s brash, bold, and just a little bit questionable in his morality. Going from an innocent kid in The Phantom Menace to Hayden Christensen’s Anakin in Attack of the Clones threw much of that important character development out the window, robbing us of a whole host of formative years for the young Jedi.

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