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6 ways I've learned to cope on the most overwhelming days6 ways I've learned to cope on the most overwhelming days

Health / 6 ways I've learned to cope on the most overwhelming days

How I’ve finally learned to cope when I’m completely frazzled

Before we begin, let's make it clear, I am not a psychiatrist. Nor do I have the secret to magically transcend anxiety or stress. If experience is education, however, I do feel pretty comfortable speaking on the subject. Although my ability to speak freely and calmly about how I handle these things is, at best, a recent development.

During this past summer, due to events outside of my personal control, my life got fairly complicated. I drew pretty near to my personal breaking point. I have learned a few coping techniques that I use in order to help myself deal with the challenges I am facing.

Again, I understand that I am not an expert, but quite often, I have personally benefited from something one of my blogging friends has penned. So here we go.

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